About Us

MyAccessFlorida is a non-government organization that strongly believes in Humanitarianism means which values the life of every human being irrespective of classes, religions, colors, and standards. The organization is based in Florida and if you are a resident of that place you may know about the services which are given by the organization, MyAccessFlorida. MyAccessFlorida helps the economically deprived peoples by giving them proper health care, medical facility, financial assistance, and other social services. If you are a citizen of Florida and belong to an impoverished place, then you may eligible for many benefits and advantages provided by the organization.MyAccessFlorida

Before that, you have to follow some guidelines set by the organization to qualify for those benefits. Remember that, MyAccessFlorida only helps the poor and economically deprived people. So, if you are a financially independent person, please don’t register yourself with this web portal and don’t misguide the organization. It is an earnest request to you.

MyAccessFlorida Managed By DCF

The web portal, developed by MyAccessFlorida, has been utilized by the DCF, Department of Children and Families, Florida to fulfill their objective of managing the assistance program for poor families. The name of this agenda is The Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency or ACCESS. They also developed a separate tab for ACCESS where you can get detailed information about their motto and schedules for the various public assistance programs. MyAccessFlorida-hp


My Access Florida is a dedicated social service providing organization whose main motto is to combine and unify the local communities to protect vulnerable and financially deprived groups by giving them proper food, cash, and medical assistance when need. For this, we need monetary helps from strong and financially empowered families.

The organization has already conducted some fund-raising events and also has applied to Government and other powerful organizations to collect more money for this project.


MyAccessFlorida aims to help people with diverse needs to offer them financial aid with programs like Food Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF), and the Medicaid Program. The agenda is to make all the families in Florida self-sufficient. Also, we are affiliated with various stakeholders who continuously offer a lot of world-class services to people belonging to the financially weaker sections.

In case you have any queries regarding MyAccessFlorida, please drop a comment below. If you want to contact the DCF community, please click on the link mentioned above.